Salmon suffer atrociously in factory farms:millions die so we can eat them


How the world feeds upon salmon


Here is more heartbreaking news about how the world feeds itself through factory farming.


Reading Farmageddon The True Cost of Cheap Meat by Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott, we are told about the way fish farms keep the salmon, that the world eats. There are upto 50,000 salmon in a single sea cage. They suffer from blinding cataracts, fin and tail injuries and body deformities. Parasites attack them even as they try desperately to compete for space and oxygen.


Salmon are creatures who love the ocean – they are wanderers of the ocean who are packed cruelly in stocking densities resembling a single bathtub of water per 75-centimetre fish. Packed this tightly, mercilessly, they swim in maddened circles around the cage, like terrified zoo animals in their cells. Fins and tails are rubbed sore as they push against one another, hopelessly.

But farmed trout are even more miserable. They are kept at densities of 60 kilograms of fish per cubic metre of water. It is the same as twenty-seven trout, each measuring the length of a ruler, being squashed inside a single bathtub of water. The horror of crushed, crowded jailing can only lead to disease.

Not surprisingly, salmon farming is now known for killing millions of fish.


Farmed salmon die painfully. Average losses in sea cages range from 10 per cent to 30 per cent, says Farmageddon. Unfortunately, people care less about fish suffering. It is as if it does not matter if they suffer!


What are the world’s vets doing about this? They too seem not to care, says this book. More than ever this book reminds us that vegetarianism makes sense and is the only true and kinder way to live!

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