just let the dreadful day breathe into itself!

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Sometimes we just need to let the ghastliest day breathe into itself! Sit down somewhere quietly and ruminate over every little and big buttons on its coat. The tiny toddlers of tenderness will tumble out first, if we allow them to. They seem to really love the silence which draws them out as if it was their favourite nurse!


That walk you made yourself take despite the dreary overwhelming agony of the mainland of misery trawling the streets of today! The strolling around the roses was good, and there were several Mandovillas, fresh, maroon, feisty and looking down upon your woes  tenderly.



Then that cheeky butterfly came to tear around the rose patch again, maddeningly fast, and did not allow you to capture it on film. But later just when you were leaving the park, it came to paint your day with peace.



And on the way to the park, in the bus, you read the funniest short story you have read in recent times and realized you have discovered one of the world’s most hilarious writers and you still have his other stories to soak up and enjoy! His name is David Sedaris…and the story is The Big One…How had this gem been hidden inside your bookshelves for more than five years? Unforgivable! You can totally blame Netflix for this to reduce the guilt!




You keep that treasure carefully aside, when you return, and begin to savor the crowd of roses your Nikon has brought back to fill up your quota again. By this time the day has been steadily  breathing into itself regularly, sorting out the stones of sullen disarray, putting them aside to deal with them later.

P1340653 (1)

Right now it decides firmly to settle down on its parquet of roses that the Nikon has stolen and carried back from their lair to create a small throne just for your tranquility to settle down on and rule over your domain!


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