the store room of atrophy

P1340291The store room of atrophy or the gold that washes up in the darkness


All of us have to sometime or the other resort to the usage of the storeroom of atrophy that slams down on us like a huge and ravenous rattlesnake, tearing up skin and flesh, to then crush the bones before beginning his gourmet dinner of ourselves!


It could be like that tiny attic near the kitchen inside which mother kept the cheaper condiments, the rice, lentils, sugar and spices that may have been on sale. There they would remain till one fine day a massive truckload of guests arrive without warning, being invited by a too generous, soft hearted father, and the stored goodies would have to be used up to feed the hungry crowd!


Then Mother would discover that they were all good enough really, to make a delicious dinner, lunch and even breakfast!



The store room of atrophy will need to pounce not on what has been devoured by dreadful demons, detained by a malicious mangled mistake, or by gruesome bad luck. It will have to lean on that last cupboard containing what survived the flooding from the poisoned sea.


Consider the case of the wounded little ginger kitten who used to clamber up to the highest, most petrifying thin stone ledge above the swing, hurting and hiding, often likely to fall as she shook or tumbled! Then you got the idea of making two tiny shelters for her with small pillows bordered with warm soft cotton and woolen old cloth which worked like magic! She now spends her time in one or the other of her own personal heavens, instead of hanging above you like a dreadful premonition of pain!

P1340270 (1)

Then came a sweet surprise dish from hope when you discovered that the large slice of cheese you had put down to answer the phone had been gobbled up by your weak, wounded, ravenous pale orange and white kitten! Cheese did her a lot of good and nourished her daily! She is the sole cheese lover among the six cats!


In those dark days of watching this stray sickly kitten trying to survive every single day, I learnt to accept the tiniest coin of gold from hope! Even if the career  smelt and crashed and crushed, friendship fumbled, isolation thickened, at least there was one small survivor to cherish and to care about!


So when atrophy visits like a shameless guest it also sends you scuttling to that secret store room where the creepiest rodent leaves something for you to snack on and turn into a jewel of the enchanted darkening!


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