Vinayak Cars Bangalore cheats consumer by not providing road tax receipt and collecting extra money..


The Vinayak Cars Pvt. Ltd. in Bangalore has been found guilty of deficient service and unfair trade practice by the IVth additional district consumer disputes redressal forum.

Auditax Management Services is into the business of outsourcing auditing and consulting. It had purchased a Skoda car from Vinayak Cars for which it had paid up Rs. 11,94,230 to them. The car was delivered in January 2016 but with only an invoice and debit note and without a road tax receipt. The seller was told that the debit note was proof of payment and would suffice till the originals were given.

However Auditax never got details as the DD/remittance made to the RTO office. This created problems later when they wished to close the loan with Volkswagon Finance Pvt. Ltd. They were asked for the RC copy with Form B Register Extract.

They also found out that the actual road tax was only Rs. 1,45,658 and not Rs. 1,97,624 which Vinayak Cars had made them pay. They had also given them false documents and collected an extra Rs, 51,966 from them. Despite several reminders Vinayak Cars did not give them the originals of the road tax receipt.


They complained to the consumer forum about unfair trade practice, false documents and deficiency in service by Vinayak Cars which did not appear at the hearing.

Forum President Mr. S.L. Patil found the firm guilty of all these matters and ordered them to refund Rs. 61,996 to the complainant with interest at 6 per cent along with Rs. 2000 as costs within 6 weeks.


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