R & R Salons makes unlikely claims for skin care product

Turn your back on depilatory claims by R & R Salons




The Advertising Standards Council of India has stopped the advertisements of R & R Salons trying to con the world with their skin care product all ready to retard hair growth and other skin care problems

From the ASCI website:

R & R Salons Private Ltd (YLG Institute Salon Pro Slogro): The advertisement’s claims, “World’s first skin care solution that slows regrowth of body hair to keep that just-waxed look for longer” and “World’s first range of products with Deplif active system that retards hair regrowth and gives freedom from body hair for longer”,were neither adequately substantiated with any verifiable comparative data nor the advertiser’s products were established to be the “World’s first” range of products for hair growth retardation. The claims are misleading by gross exaggeration. The claim “With the use of Slogro products, body hair is reduced, weakened and delayed in growth, making it easy and painless to remove during the next waxing session now enjoy more hair-free days” was inadequately substantiated. For the claim “The fast absorbing formulation moisturizes, nourishes and lightens your skin, leaving it softer and smoother”, while the claim related to fast absorbing

Press Release

formula, moisturization and softness or smoothness of skin were not considered to be objectionable, the claim of “lightens your skin” was inadequately substantiated and is misleading.


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