Allen Healthcare’s Liver Tonic lies to alcoholics!

Alcoholics should switch to CATNIP instead of Allen Healthcare’s liver tonic and capsule!


The Advertising Standards Council of India has removed two

dangerous advertisements put out by Allen Healthcare Co. Ltd. for their product Livosin Ayurvedic Liver and skin health capsule. It claimed to be 100 per cent herbal and worse, that it was good for alcoholics as they would be spared from liver diseases by using their herbal Liver Tonic.

from the ASCI website:

  1. Allen Healthcare Co. Ltd (Livosin Ayurvedic liver and skin health capsule): The advertisement’s claim, “100% Herbal”, was not substantiated with any evidence of the ingredients present in the product, and was misleading by exaggeration.
  2. Allen Healthcare Co. Ltd (Livosin DS herbal Liver Tonic): The advertisement’s claim, “Prevents alcohol induced liver disease”, was not substantiated with clinical evidence of product efficacy, and is grossly misleading by implication that the product is good for alcoholics, thus misleading them to consume more alcohol. The advertisement also exploits consumers’ lack of knowledge and is likely to lead to grave or widespread disappointment in the minds of consumers. The claim, “Sugar Free” was not substantiated with any evidenceof the ingredients present in the product, and is misleading.


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