Cat-gardening Chronicles: the rat-infested day


The stray problem!

Cat-gardening is less about watering the plants and more about flirting with the sun! It offends no one! You allow the sun to bathe your back, and warm your fur and soften your paws with his heat or is the sun a ‘she’?.


Then you can lie back on your cool green sun-bed and consider the magic of nature. You read up your books on healing plants to discover that if eczema or ringworm trouble  you, you can use the tulsi plant (Indian Basil) to heal. You only need 5 ml of tulsi root juice, to be taken early in the morning.


Tulsi produces the highest amount of oxygen. And the drumstick tree is used to treat conjunctivitis. You can apply the juice of drumstick leaves mixed with honey on your eyes.


Drumstick leaves are used to purify water and are a great boon for poor people. You must crush the seeds, mix them with water and allow them to settle. The seeds have germicidal properties and they kill harmful organisms. This safe, cheap water purifying method is used in many poor countries. The World Health Organisation has recommended it. The root and bark of the plant are also used for purifying water.


Then there is this safe and easy way to refresh your mouth if it has a bad odour. Prepare one glass of lime juice in warm water. Keep it in your mouth for a few minutes. Also rub your gums with the squeezed rind. Then use mango leaves and a little salt to clean your teeth!


We don’t have much luck with the African violets. The house rat tore apart another pot of this plant today and broke one heart! We are trying to repair it with our blinking but can’t help shrieking at the small orange cat who comes to beg for food daily. Not that we can deprive him of breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Luckily the rat does not fancy the lovely purple Gynura and it is making a stunning, generous, necklace of itself over the terrace with its blue and lavender shimmer.

The vicious, venomous, pitiless rat is teaching us one of life’s most important lessons: you have to learn to pick up your happiness daily, in little bits and pieces of itself, out of the garbage and greasy gruesome trails of its treachery. We are now hoping to get our share of catnip sometime during this drought infested day!


If you think I am going to water them all, you are wrong

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