Farmageddon: the book that will shatter your soul…..


Welcome to the devastating world of cheap meat and factory farming


Factory Farming is one of those things that triggers a disturbing thrum in the minds of most of us. And if we are unlucky enough to have finished reading a book called Farmageddon  The True Cost of  Cheap Meat, we may never have a proper sleep for a very long time.


In India, where I live, the millions of small baby chicks and their mothers, crushed and crammed into tiny wired cages, stashed upon one another, like cut vegetables, till they are brutally killed and cooked for those amazing humans who covet them, are the daily nightmares that never stop torturing me.


But reading Farmageddon by Philip Lymbery with Isabel Oakeshott is an even more horrifying kick to the heart and soul. We learn that 99 per cent of broiler chickens in America are raised in petrifying conditions, so brutal, so beastly and pitiless that one can’t imagine how anyone could want to eat them. Equally terrible are the conditions of the poor people who work for such companies.

For the chickens it is a ghastly existence, with no legal protection. “All farm animals are exempt from America’s Federal Animal Welfare Act. Despite comprising 95 per cent of farm animals reared in the US, for some reason, chickens are not even protected by the Humane Methods of Slaughter Act.” Says this devastating book.


It is very difficult to read it, almost unbearable to take in, with its searing, truthful stories of how animals and birds suffer for the beastly profit making humans who sell them to the equally horrifying humans who eat them. Says Joanna Lumley, British actress, writer and activist about this book “A devastating indictment of cheap meat and factory farming. Don’t turn away: it demands reading and deserves the widest possible audience.”


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