Cat-gardening Chronicles: Ginger baths & ginger oil

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Cat-gardening was rattled by a friend’s fractured shoulder this month. She returned from a long visit with pain filled surgery and slow healing. Then  fell into the  mistake of trying out a grubby, dreary physiotherapy clinic with an incompetent therapist and no warm or cold packs or other extras to help. We ditched the clinic and discovered hot ginger baths and ginger oil that helped amazingly to heal the pain of surgery.


Rain watered the plants. The cat-gardeners got shamelessly drunk on catnip and the garden rat alas had shat in many places. A short story on Netflix, called Mrinal ki Chitthi, (Mrinal’s Letter) by Tagore about a married woman picking up the shards of her self respect out of a glum, dreary marriage,  painted some magic over the day’s sharp corners and led to more Tagore jewels with most of the tales crafted delightfully, exquisitely  by Anurag Kashyap and solid superior acting.


Even as we sink inside our errors or our ghastly choices, and fall into the abyss

the garden washes away the litter of lethargy and losses with its very own cleaning solutions: though the rat has torn out the large round ball of African Violets, to tear up your heart, leaving shit around the murder, the Wandering Jew has made small and large shimmering pavilions of peace in plain water, inside square glasses, round mud pots and even inside an aged blue bucket!

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The plant we had picked up from the hospital garden where we had lost a friend to smoking, is still filling up rat infested holes with its sturdy cucumber green leaves. Just talking to leaves and flowers that have survived the rodents of everyday living, is like soaking up a fresh new hour of harmony.


Today again hot ginger baths, a friend’s help and exercise have finally reduced the pain so much we can see good times returning. The patient was able to scratch her nose, touch her ear, and place both hands close together with almost no pain. She rested all day, felt the first real hope of recovering fully without having to go to that depressing little place for physiotherapy.


The garden shone even as it pulled itself up through the rat’s small and huge mounds of torn up soil.


We recommend growing fresh ginger in the garden to help in healing the pain after surgery, a fall or any other mishap. Just boil an inch or two of fresh ginger in a small pot of boiling water till the water turns yellow. Then add this to a bucket of hot water and bathe with it. Then nap under a warm blanket for some hours.

Most of all we recommend reading a book called The Green Witch by Barbara Griggs. It is like bringing home a very competent nurse to help care for you!


Now go and plant some ginger! Just cut open some pieces from the ones lying in your kitchen and stick them inside soil!




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