Cat-gardening Chronicles:perfume from paradise



Sorrow has wings inside which

cat-gardening puts out seeds

then works to grow and nurture

A tiny affordable cool harbor of

Something very like happiness or

Its miniscule huts of hope & calm

Where the embrace from peace

Comes to begin another season

Of rose embossed empathy &


Several new strands of energy

And plans for voyages of wealth

That heal the planet and coax the

World to adopt vegetarian sense

Ban factory farming, cheap meat




The rat had shat all over the house and on the front steps and our hearts sank. We took a cutting from a green fittonia and put it on the small round pot on the step near the door. The pink fittonia had blossomed inside the glass bottle and cheered us up. The rain had washed all the plants for us.

the lemon grass sniff

The pink polka dots made an instant pretty gift from today inside the small shoe found on the road and the green Wandering Jew shimmered inside a square bowl of plain water. The purple Gynura glistened and painted the cool rainy day with its blue burnish.  Against the glum worry of rat shit littering the front steps and worse, the book shelf, the lemon grass luring the cat-gardeners to nibble it, the sheen of the bottle green ivies, and the creeper dressing up the house and the walls and the ledges with its scented white baby flowers heals the rat’s creepy coils.



A butterfly visited the terrace and fluttered past the heart to comfort it.

Free gifts from the garden scented the day like perfume from paradise.




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