Cappuccino is silver embroidered in the heart


Cappuccino is stitched inside the walls

Of my heart like a silver embroidery

That Tortoise shell cat had the odd habit

Of freshening the crumbles & cracks

Of any day inside which the grotesque

Guests of catastrophe had curled up to gloat

With her mysterious tender tranquility

Which wafted across the terrace to me

The idea that I might as well spend the

Dreadful Sunday or Monday or Tuesday

Spring cleaning the house which once had

Dislodged a long forgotten  lost and very

Urgently required white cotton dress from


A huge cliff of clothes in need of tidying!

Then on yet another Sunday of coaxing the

Roaches that had taken up residence under

The oven to know they were not welcome

With a mean platter of boric acid and then

On another day clearing out all the old

Musty moldy trash from the book shelves

To fall upon an ocean of words to be taken

Out of myself into a brand new station of

Serenity, surprises galore and mysteries

so silver lined with magic I was hooked

and all this Cappuccino did by doing nothing

much but stretching out on the branch of

a scary ancient, tottering, rickety loved tree

where she scared me silly with terror of her

falling, even as she breathed out enchanted

time for me and breathed in my gratitude!

catwatch 2








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