A free hug for an icy day

Give someone a hug today for the planet


There are many ways to change the world by creating our very own garden of grace and goodness. In his book 365 ways to change the world, Michael Norton suggests that we can hug someone to warm up the iciest, meanest day!


A caring hug can help a sad person to revive. It can turn a rotten day into a bearable one. It can plant a red rose of hope inside the hole that has swallowed someone up!


There are free hugs groups all over the world.


The hugz4U campaign begun by the Wellbeing Project coaxes everyone to seek out five hugs a day to invite joy and peace to visit on creepy and calm days!


Try to make others share hugs around in as many places as possible.

Even if hugging is not your cup of tea try to smile at the next stranger you pass on the street or meet at the mall, garden, movie hall, and most of all at the hospital!




5 thoughts on “A free hug for an icy day

      1. It really isn’t yet, Daksha! It’s been 90 F degrees hot weather but I”m dowsing it with water every morning and sometimes at night. Cilantro is growing tall, so much that I had to clip half the plant. Squashes are blossoming and corn is rising. I’ll post a garden update this week, friend, I hope all is well with you. Is it still hot over there this time of year?


      2. that is good to hear. corn and squashes are so fulfilling. will love to visit your garden when you post it! it is cool now and raining which is good for all, farmers especially…

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