your yellow hibiscus heart!


Each day can hold you together

with the palm of its hands and

Pull you inside its yellow hibiscus

Heart of harmony where you can

Breathe out all that carbon dioxide

Of cantankerous waste & cut away

The grim forebodings your mind

Can create in minutes if you let it

Like a very bad cook who adds soda


to make your puddings rise while

actually all you really need is that

Tiny temple of tranquility so often

Lodged in the hidden attics of your

head where only the seeds of fresh


Poetry are allowed a room for rent

And the strongest lock of concrete

On the door saying NO T0 NETFLIX!

P1330106P1330479 (1)

2 thoughts on “your yellow hibiscus heart!

  1. I’m not tempted by Netflix because the company has a lot of movies and tv series reruns that contain pedophelia.
    I’ve got the evidence if you want to see for yourself that this is true. It’s why I boycott Netflix.

    I do love the humour in your poem!

    btw, I’m still so totally upset about the fake guru who harassed and threatened me, that I don’t follow any blogs and I reluctantly remove all followers on my blog because I don’t have any faith in WordPress to follow their own guidelines about taking down a blog — as they did with me last year, due to the slimy fake guru’s bullying, with not a shred of evidence that I was guilty of what he had his lawyer swear under oath and penalty of perjury (on his, and his brother’s behalf) that what he accused me of was true. I did eventually get my blog back, however, he didn’t stop stalking me and threatening me until I deleted my blog. Then, the cyber, and in my personal life attacks and threats stopped. He went so far as to send one of his “initiates” to my home on Christmas Day! Spooky.

    The threats were always the same: “you and your family are in mortal danger if you continue publicly—via the internet, exposing ‘Sant Rajinder Singh’, it’s against the rules” (as if I even follow the criminal anymore).

    Now, I had taken down all of the posts that mentioned him and/or his criminal brother, however, that wasn’t enough, only deleting my precious blog with all those hundreds of poems would do. Poof, as soon as I deleted the blog, all the stalking and harassment stopped.

    I’m actually thinking of moving my my blog to blogspot (a google blog site) — and transfer my dot com address there, but WordPress said that I can’t get my transfer to happen for 2 months, something about dot com rules, I have it in writing as to why the wait, but I’m not sure if google would be any better. That fake guru has a lot of money and he got Facebook to ban my blog (they marked my blog, Lifestream, as dangerous!) …and Facebook owns Instagram, thus, Instagram marked my posts as dangerous too. I took it up with Facebook, and it took over 2 months for them to reverse the decision.

    I left Facebook after I deleted my blog, Lifestream. I didn’t think that I would ever want to be on any social networks anymore after how shabby and nasty I was treated, illegal too, illegal because it was all based on lies.
    Of course these very same social networks are responsible for the fake news that got Trump elected. So the Truth is not part of the business practices of these companies—money is.

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    1. this is very scary and upsetting. what is happening to this world! nothing makes sense, I hope you are able to get away from the claws of this very creepy man or fiend. money rules everything. but don’t ever give up your poetry and pics. they are incredibly rich with truth and tenderness and life needs them. gurus here too are powerful and gobble up anyone they feel threatened by. we have to find other ways to deal with them.

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