a garden hose will use 450 litres of water an hour!


A bath and a washing machine both use 80 litres of water, a power shower uses 70, a dish washer 35, flushing a toilet 9. A garden hose will use 450 litres an hour. All this is almost free if you live in a better part of the world.


In many countries people walk for miles to get water for essentials. So turning off the tap should be a reflex action, says Michael Norton in his book 365 ways to change the world.


We forget to turn off the tap when we are soaping our hands, brushing, looking in the mirror, combing our hair etc. while the world’s most precious commodity is wasting away!


Norton reminds us to put up stickers everywhere telling us to switch off the lights, turn off the tap, save the earth with a flick of the switch! Turning off the lights is the bright thing to do etc! or make up your own sticker slogans!


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