Cat-gardening Chronicles: Billy Bob Thornton & Natsamrat & the hibiscus!

Cat-Gardening and Billy Bob Thornton in Goliath on Prime Video


It is only fair that cat-gardeners should be given time off to catch up on some badly needed sleep, especially if they are over worked. It also helps a lot if Billy Bob Thornton arrives in the second series of Goliath on Amazon Prime, so the lower level gardener does not do too much policing to make rules about where the cat gardeners can relax and where they better not relax.


All this is forgiven and forgotten if only Billy Bob Thornton turns up and we are all glad when he does. Goliath is a massively engrossing television thriller and the second season was eagerly awaited. It is here now, and as riveting as the first one. In fact this chiller about a double murder is made even more appetizing by the music that is sprinkled alongside, almost as if it were telling the tale.

P1330851 (1)


Everything is perfect, which is usually the case when Thornton is on board!


Ever since his very entrancing first thriller Sling Blade made him a household name Thornton has mostly made very exciting movies. In our home Sling Blade still holds top place so lucky it was when Goliath came along. We can now nap guilt-free and also do our own thing in the garden!


This week the idea was to plant hibiscus for some color but now it seems all will be on hold till Goliath is greedily guzzled up. Then there is the equally entrancing Marathi film called Natsamrat where Nana Patekar plays an elderly man ill-treated by his children, as he navigates the darkest slides of ageing. This gripping drama takes you by the throat… one should miss it.


Now to come back to gardening it helps to try to look as if you are doing as much as you can so your salary is not stopped. Luckily this is easy – we all like to sniff up the lemon grass every other minute which makes it look like we are inspecting it which amounts to work. Then we check out the most lonesome plants that could do with some soft, furry company and everything works out well, as it always does in every garden, especially ones that have feline employers!

Some plants need furry company


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