Participate in World Kindness Day!

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In Michael Norton’s book 365 ways to change the world he reminds us that one quick and easy way to better the world is by doing one kind act everyday! He says the World Kindness Movement was started in 1997 to promote kindness and it spread to several countries.


This may not be the huge movement or act that will save the planet or stop wars or pulverise terrorists or solve any of the massive problems looming over us all, but it will enable us to make one small star shine on someone! It will warm one heart near us and that is enough to begin with!


On World Kindness day in 2003, 77 schools, and youth groups in Australia, Bermuda, Canada, India, Italy, Nepal and other countries participated in the Coinspiracy! It is an initiation of the KindActs Network Association of British Columbia in Canada to coax young people to create positive global change. The campaign uses a kindness coin called the ‘UNI’ which is short for the Universal nature of kindness. The ‘coinholder’ commits three acts of kindness! One is for himself or herself, one for the environment and one for someone else!


The coin is passed on to the person who received the kind act who in turn commits three kind acts and passes it on!

It sounds like fun and also warms the heart.

You can think of your own kind act right now and do it. Or you can join the campaign at:



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