Seed the world….for the farmers

To save the world seed it!

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To save the planet there are many tiny ways to do our bit. Michael Norton in his book 365 ways to change the world tells us how we can seed the world!



Many farmers in some of the poorest countries in the world hardly ever have enough seeds to grow in their farms. The only seeds they have are for vegetables that do not produce their own seeds. The varieties known as F1 hybrids, have been made for profits by companies selling them so that they lock the farmers into the need to buy fresh seeds each year. Farmers cannot afford them and go hungry. In India a horrifying number of farmers are committing suicide every year, when their debts and hunger drive them to this.



Luckily, France started the mission of the Kokopelli Seed Foundation. It has spread around the world now to create a ‘Community-Supported Seed Fund’. This gives poor farmers in poor countries the seeds they need for their small holdings. Anybody can grow and collect seeds – including you and me. Gardeners and farmers all over the world were doing this thousands of years before the arrival of commercial, profit oriented, seed growers – and more recently, the bane of genetically modified seeds.

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Norton says Kokopelli’s website page is devoted to seeds for the developing world:


To become a Kokopelli seed grower remember that food plants are rich with seeds. A pumpkin or melon contains hundreds of seeds, a tomato contains around 70 seeds! A lettuce going to seed may produce up to 10,000 seeds!


A 10m x 10m garden can easily grow 150 tomato plants which would enable you to provide 40,000 packets each containing 30 seeds!

The Kokopelli Seed Foundation will advise you on what seeds to grow and even provide you with starter seeds so that you can start up your ‘seed factory’.


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