Hair Fair Clinic adds bile and urine to its ridiculous advertisement and is pulled up by ASCI

Bile and urine? What will they come up with next?!!

DSCN6425 (1).

The Hair Fair Skin Clinic put out its ridiculous advertisement to con consumers by telling them that its product cures toxicants in the body and flings them out with bile and urine!

But neither scientists nor any clinical data was provided to prove this foolish claim and the Advertising Standards Council of India had to get this clinic to remove the false ad.

I am not visiting that clinic!

In its website the ASCI says : Hair Fair Skin Clinic: The advertisement’s claim, “Glutathione, an anti – oxidant mixes with toxicants in body and throws them out with bile and urine”, was not substantiated with clinical data or scientific rationale for the claim. The claim, “Skin gets a resurrection and eventually gets softness and glow”, was not substantiated with supporting c l i ni cal evidence or with treatment efficacy data. The claims are misleading by exaggeration.


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