Cat-gardening Chronicles: the garden attic & Netflix’s The Staircase!

Cat-gardening Chronicles 43


The Garden’s Little New Attic & the rain & The Staircase!


There is something about being led by the garden to that tiny new attic it has built up in the night, just for you to be enthralled is what magic is all about. It is one of the strands of sweet sensible scented gifts that tumble out of the casket with the sun looking down to warm up anything cold or clammy or creepy needing to be washed, dried out and cleaned up to shine a little with that lustrous list of possibilities!

P1010277 (1)

It could be about that sudden splurge from the overgrown Spider Plants all set to give you their brand new cute little babies to make new spiders for your cat gardeners. Then there might be those burnished dahlias ready to lure the butterflies so your heart swells with serenity or it could show you the nasturtiums that have finally come up from the seeds bought from the nursery.

Nasturtiums for your salads



The tiny orange flowers shimmer and shine and are all ready to be put inside your cucumber, potato or any vegetable salad, even in the soup, while they keep the pests away from your plants.


Spider Plants love us and vice versa!

Then, enriched with your green gardening bank balance clinking with brand new gold coins linked to the planet, you can go back without that smelly sour bite of guilt, to Netflix which has caught you tight with yet another very thrilling, very riveting television thriller called The Staircase!


It is one of those cat & mouse thrillers, our favourite, where you don’t know whether a very famous writer has killed his wife or she really fell down the stairs, as he claims? Magic is all yours, and of course since the rainy season is upon us, cat-gardeners can get away with no watering of plants, and can instead snooze on the nearest lap and watch the cat & mouse thriller, or more sensibly, find their own rats to hunt down and play with which is frowned on by some people!

DSCN4664secrets 2

Because that gentle, kind and always caring Ingrid Newkirk of PETA (President of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) tells us how to deal kindly with rats and other unwanted ‘pests’ in her book Making Kind Choices so that they don’t suffer. She reminds us that ‘pest control’ and ‘wildlife removal’ services are often very cruel and heartless. The truth is that they drown them in cold water, turn raccoons over to a hunt club or otherwise cruelly dispose of them. Often when left in small patches of wood, they get lost, and are afraid and miss their families. They have no nest, den, food source, or family there, and often starve to death.


The solution is easy she says. When they are out you can bring in a carpenter and seal up any cracks and crevices they are using to enter the house. Do not evict them in spring when a mother animal is raising her infants. Wait till they are old enough to fend for themselves, before sealing off entryways.


To deter raccoons and squirrels you just need to cap the chimneys, fix the roof, and put latticework or quarter-inch mesh hardware cloth on all vents, crawl spaces, attic gables etc. There is much more vital information in this book to teach you how to be kind of outside guests!

Rainy seasons are good for all cats to get jobs as gardeners – no watering needed! Rainwater harvesting can be promoted to your bosses and you can nap another two to six hours more if needed!


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