Cat-gardening Chronicles: Fittonia and Eye in the Sky!

Cat-gardening 42 & the Fittonia


Fittonia also called The Snake Skin Plant

This week we read about Michael Norton’s tip about how to be happy! That is one trick everyone in the world wants to learn, even if they are already happy! In his book 365 Ways to Change the World Norton tells us to work on the Happiness Manifesto!


Exercise for half an hour, three times a week. Even a walk for 30 minutes could get you these free gifts!

FSCN5567 (1)

Count your blessings – at the end of each day.

We thank the fittonia, the red and the green ones growing all over the place! We put the green ones inside the 2 gorgeous tall kitchen pots also known as ‘burnis’ in India, that someone had thrown away and which we brought home to fill with red soil and fittonias!


Remember at least five things you are grateful for.

We are grateful for this very picky, very expensive plant that experts tell us is difficult to grow. But for us, it is the easiest plant to grow and we can’t have enough of it! We are looking for someone to thank for taking away that ghastly bandicoot living in our garden, not paying the rent and tearing up pockets of soil like a giant terminator. This has been very hard!


Talk for one hour with someone you care for.

We talk to anyone who wants to employ us as gardeners!

Say goodbye to Netflix for longer periods!

This was easy as nothing seemed interesting enough this week except for Eye in the Sky, with Helen Mirren and a brand new little star in a riveting thriller about war and its cruel wages.

Have a good laugh every single day.


This is easy to do if you are given more catnip in your wages.

Give yourself a daily treat!


We do this by napping while gardening and also meditating in the midst of greenery and green wealth.


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