Cat-gardening Chronicles & Gurgaon the stunning chiller thriller!

Cat-gardening Chronicles 41

Cat-gardeners are so busy checking out the litter and ensuring some rat demises every now and then, that there is hardly any time for trying our paws at poetry or painting.



Picking up litter can add to cat-gardening! Turning broken litter into treasure becomes fun! There are certain plants so generous, they will grow inside anything! Ivies are not fussy and will oblige when you stick them inside dented kettles, slightly dented mugs or cups, even inside shoes! Fittonias that are expensive are not proud of their upper crust status. They too will snugly fit into bowls, square or round ones, even inside jars and jelly and cake tins, as long as you give them more than enough to drink! They are boozers, of water that is, and have their own very personal glitter.


This brings us a lot of wildlife!

Then there are the polka dots always willing to do their bit, to overturn the malice of the huge rat or very heavy rainfall.


But every creeper begins to do overtime when it rains and suddenly the garden is wearing new clothing, as if the rainbow itself had the time to design them. Cat-gardeners try to add to this new magic but more or less do the same chores – sitting down on the newest pot, or squeezing inside the smallest space to add a central point of interest to a small family of ferns and shrubs. Or it just might be one of them planning to finally write her magnum opus about declawing vets or cat owners who bring cats home and then squeal about their furniture and invite the creepy vet home.


But mostly cat gardening is about staying away from Netflix. Last week we didn’t listen to the garden calling and were punished by watching the very irksome Hindi thriller called Mirror Game Ab Khel Shuru which was a very bad waste of time! One must read reviews before watching any Netflix film! But then there was Gurgaon, also just checked out without reading reviews and this turned out to be a powerful, pounding very watchable chiller! It was the first Hindi thriller in which the music spoke so achingly to tell the dismal tale of a dysfunctional rich family of Gurgaon which has made its wealth with dubious choices which come back to them with a slashing venom.


If you like thrillers you should watch this one. Even the garden will forgive you for watching something so good! Each and every actor in it is outstanding and so is the direction, screenplay, photography, music etc. This is a low budget slow burner of despair and dread that is truly satisfying.















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