Make any day a No Shopping Day!

World Buy Nothing Day could be any day of the year, month, or week!

DSCN5587 (1)
I am not shopping today!

Here is one more very important tip from Michael Norton in his very useful book 365 Ways to Change the World, that all of us must follow! It is to start diving into the World Buy Nothing Day!

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Buy Nothing Day was organized in 1994, by Ted Dave a Canadian advertising executive, as a sturdy collective protest against the remorseless calls to over consume!


There is only one rule to follow on this day: don’t spend a single penny or rupee or pound, or dollar, for the whole day! It gives you time to focus on the planet and its horrendous status under the gruesome thud of shopping, landfills bursting with wastage, forest felling and other abuses. You rethink about buying the latest item that has been luring you to the Mall!


To support this day: ask friends to bring stuff to swap. This could turn out to be very exciting!

Create a shopping free zone, meeting friends in a park, a garden, a town square or a empty building.

Make free plants with cuttings in your garden!


Interview shoppes on video about what they are purchasing and why.

Get people to pledge to shop responsibly for a month!


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