Using up those Little Rose Pavilions!

The rhapsody from those little rose pavilions


Every single day we are gifted those mysterious little rose pavilions, stashed with the small, even the most meager left overs of our resources, when a nasty slap of adversity strikes and we are thrashing around in the dark! Or it just is the time when nothing seems to go right! It could be the sudden arrival of unpleasant guests who threaten to stay for a month or two, or debt collectors who stand at the gates and won’t budge! Or perhaps that letter in the mail box which you had been hoping would never arrive!


But luckily there are always those untested, undiscovered rose rhapsodies just waiting to be found by the soul wrapped in drab attire, seeking a friend from anywhere to share this putrid place of unbelievable despair or disaster! And inside that huge warehouse of withering, there will be one small dish of desire, delight or pure fun that pops out! It reminds you to use up that tiny teapot of rose scented tea, while the commotion or the calamity swirls around you like a lumpy, thudding rhino deciding whether you are worth eating or not!


And since rhinos are vegetarians, this large feeder will leave you alone and you can enjoy your little sips of tea that the roses have brewed for you, and pick up that long forgotten book to check out. Many years ago I had found one of the very best books on depression that I have ever read. It was such a treasure so amazingly peppered with humor that I was hooked!


First of all, this book written by a woman who had suffered from deep and frightening depression is written with so much insight and wisdom that for all depressives it is one of the best books to try. Sunbathing in the Rain A Cheerful Book on Depression, by Gwyneth Lewis came into my hands when I was feeling very low, and was sure that depression had attacked me. But this marvellous book showed me that I was not suffering from depression. What I had was ordinary, regular grief over work problems, jealousy and malice at my workplace. Around this hole I was able to function well, in other areas of living.


The way Lewis describes depression you realize how frightening and pitiless this illness is and how hard it is to come out of it especially if you get into the hands of the wrong doctors, health welfare professionals etc. You find some truly awful people she stumbled into as she struggled. But she finally conquered her depression after several years of fighting with it. She gives you many useful tips, suggestions, advise and ideas for dealing with your own demons! Poetry was her personal angel that pulled her out of her dark hole. It is a very addictive book because it is written exquisitely, with courage, honesty and wisdom.


Besides finding a good book or a new friend or a hobby, these pennies from peace lurk on the walls of dreaming churches, or get stuck inside small pockets of forgotten dresses, linger around gardens lost in crumbling cemented spaces, just waiting to be picked up. Often they fall inside a poem waiting to be born inside us, or a short story niggling at your brain to be pulled out and worked on!

Whatever it is, this rose rhapsody has to be used up, especially if instead of that vegetarian greedy rhino, it is the shark that comes to snack on you!


So just open up that small box of rose tea and drink up your inner wealth to battle all demons with the help of tranquility!







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