Stealing from my cat’s Zen Suitcase!

Stealing my Cat’s Zen Suitcase

2016-04-05 23.00.44

When yet another Friday the 13th has arrived to crash down on me, like a huge warehouse of vipers to wind around me malignantly, I sometimes shamelessly sneak inside my cat’s suitcase where she hides her Zen aura. Then I steal bits and pieces out of it, stealthily, slowly, to use and sniff in, till I slowly begin to feel the vipers falling out, one by one, to return to their horrid homes.

2016-04-06 09.46.56

This time it was Mishti’s suitcase I scavenged in. Mishti is my most worrying little cat – a small furry biscuit and cream parcel of such calm and clarity in the midst of her almost never ending battle with the skin disease that attacks her often, that I am sure her Zen zone is under the fur!


Mishit has undergone millions of vet visits, antibiotics, creams and lotions and potions, till she finally decided to vanish the minute I came any where near her with these potions. So finally we are in that zone where with all those treatments and finally a herbal rinse, she is out of danger and the holes and cuts and wounds on her are drying up.


But in all those months of total terror of vets and all things medicinal, Mishti never lost her Zen calm. Every time I woke up in the mornings, expecting her to be dead and lying somewhere to drown me in despair and guilt, there she would be, waiting hungrily for her breakfast! The days when she had been attacked by the worst wound or infection, she always woke up ravenous and even scolded me so angrily to serve the breakfast quickly, that I revived instantly. A patient who scolded her nurse so furiously, was surely not dying!


This is the most valuable diamond of the Zen necklace that Mishit wears and which I steal to cure myself when some human disease of mischief or matted misery attacks me. I feel that if Mishti can survive that pitiless skin disease, I too can come out of my dark hole.


Another Zen ornament I also cadge from her is her love of food! The more wounded she was, Mishti’s appetite always improved! After I began to give her fresh fish, she blossomed into a delightful gobbler! She ate the fish and rice with such relish I almost wanted to try them out! Instead I remembered to always copy my little wheat and milk colored cat by eating up, when in the throes of grief, worry or regret!


Mishti shows me very clearly that no matter what catastrophe has descended down from wherever, the sensible person never starves herself! She tucks into fish and rice, cat food, yoghurt, and above all else, into cheese! She can eat up her little square of Amul cheese like a soldier going to war! Since I love cheese as well, no matter how bad the weather in my own zone, I always manage to eat up a cheese sandwich or a cheese and cracker meal, to hold on!


These are the three Zen nuggets I have already stolen from my cat’s Zen stock of sensible living. I wonder what I will find there the next time I need to steal from my brave little cheese eating trooper!



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