Cat-gardening Chronicles & Black Mirror from Netflix to scare yourself to near death!

Creepy & Crawly inside the Cat-gardening Chronicles 40




There are enough creeps crawling around in all gardens as we cat-gardeners have seen all too often: those slugs and snails, that horrendous fat rat, a bandicoot who tears up the entire garden soil into a mountain of malignancy and then comes inside to taste our food as well!


We too can do enough in the zone of creepiness, as all cat owners sadly report. But if you are still not satisfied and want more creepiness then you have to watch all four seasons of a British television series called Black Mirror! There are two episodes in the fourth season which will knock you off the sofa almost and give you very scary chills.


One is called Crocodile, set in a totally white snowy zone and crawling with the overwhelming dish of dread and chilling murder that is unbelievably thrilling. Superior acting and great imagination make this a very superior thriller in Netflix. The other episode is Metalhead, which rattles your bones with one of the ghastliest little ghouls seen in recent television history! All stories in Black Mirror are about the dangers of modern technology and our sense of dread and unease lurking underneath!


If you have been scared enough you might want to help your cat-gardeners by watering the hibiscus and the rajnigandha, while they show you what else needs to be done immediately, to dress up the poor garden again and heal it from the thrashing it got from the large rat!


While the Readers Digest warns you never to feed your cat liver, and give it yoghurt instead of milk, the herbalists recommend eating the hibiscus for humans of course! Not us cat-gardeners who prefer our meals with carnivorous content!


In India we use the hibiscus as a hair wash, to rid the hair of dandruff and for various other ailments. It also makes a very pretty garden angel to ward off worry and boredom and cheers up every visitor with its ornamental good looks. And after it has rained, it simply shimmers!


Add a gerbera to this scenario and the garden begins to recover from the pitiless rat’s mangling and we help the lower level gardener to start picking up the rubble and the rust, and redesign the catastrophic zone!

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