OPTM Healthcare lies about having treated former Prime Minister’s son, with other ridiculous falsehoods, says Advertising Standards Council of India


I will certainly not let any Ridiculous Rose of Paracelsus treat my baby!


The OPTM HealthCare Private Limited in Kolkata, Bengal, has been found guilty of telling lies to consumers in three of its advertisements, according to the Advertising Standards Council of India in its website.

In one it has had the gall to claim that it has treated the son of India’s late Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shashtri, which is a big lie! It could not prove this claim to the ASCI which questioned it.

Then it claimed that its owner Mr. Apurba Ganguly was honoured as “Rose of Paracelsus” by the European Medical Association in Germany, which was also not true. As to what this Rose of Paracelsus means is anybody’s guess!


OPTM HealthCare Private Limited: The advertisements claim, (in Marathi) “15 divsaani maajhi chikitsa getlaitantar mala 5 varsha peksha lahan vatle”, as a testimonial by Mr. Sunil Shastri, son of late PM Lalbahaddur Shastri was not substantiated.

  1. OPTM HealthCare Private Limited (Varco Leg Care): The advertisement’s claim, “If varicose veins is not treated on t im e you might lose your legs”, is false, misleading by gross exaggeration and exploits the consumers’ lack of knowledge. The c laim ‘s , “Recommended by experts”, “No. 1 choice of chemist”, were not substantiated.
  2. OPTM HealthCare Private Limited: The advertisement’s claims (in Bengali) related to, “Mr. Apurba Ganguly honoured as ‘Rose of Paracelsus’ by the President of European Medical Association in Germany”, “Collaboration between Jadavpur University and OPTM”, “Mr. Apurba Ganguly claiming to be a scientist and had treated patients in more than 10 countries”, were not substantiated with supporting evidence and are misleading.


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