Even Magic has left overs!


yes, it is really true that magic

Too has left overs it saves for the

Bedraggled blown apart tatters of

Ourselves, where everything has

Evaporated and turned into sawdust


but underneath that huge ragged

eiderdown we cower under, the left

Overs never stop coming like the

Teapots of comfort & cajoling: tea

Brewed by the roses themselves



To keep us in safe custody till the

Custodians of memory and solace

Come to gather us up inside them

like that fat, round black and white

London cat whose blinking made

You feel welcome in a strange place



And always made the sudden down

Pour of rain feel easier to handle

Or that typical crumpled gold &

Gorgeous rose always make you

Stop in the downpour to take it



In, or that fat green shrub that

Turned a hot day into a blessing

Signifying someone loves the planet


And then those little, tiny, tidbits

Of tender life lessons creating a

List to bother you with! To turn

Off the lights in unused rooms,

Especially remembering the creepy

Guest’s room, where someone has


Overstayed, and not fainting over

That triangular purple patch of hair

dye They left on the guest bathroom

Wall to remind you of their visit!

Where they also never bothered

To put the lights, the invertor, or

The fans off, and hair everywhere!

And finally, letting the cat sit on


Your African Violet, with its gentle

Blue flowers, because her innocence

Like always, clears out the dread

And disarray of a gruesome guest!




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