Cat-gardening Chronicles 39: The Mystery of the Blue African violets



The mystery of the Dark Blue African Violet!


All gardens like to dazzle us with some small mystery that might excite us more than what Netflix may have in store for keeping us indoors. Out of the sun and alas binge watching and tucking in crisps and soft drinks?!


When that tv series Safe from Harlan Coben turned out to be a damp squib where nothing seemed to really chill you or bother you, the garden was ready to make amends with solving the problem about getting your African violets to flower more.

But in between came that television series Fauda from Israel and won over the garden with its clammy, gritty, searing drama of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It draws you inside that heartrending, never ending chaos of hatred, malignancy, ruthless, brutal killings, with a superior cast of actors, stunning storytelling that draws you into both sides, wanting it all just to stop!


After Fauda it is difficult to find anything good enough to binge on, so we went back to checking out the African violet and why it had not put out its dark blue flowers even after putting two or three iron pieces under its soil as all experts advise. Then one pot was brought indoors and kept under the skylight where it bloomed almost overnight and the next day when it sat down near the dark grey tabby’s tubby chest, even more flowers seemed to spring up!

DSCN5159 (1)

Every garden has a magical trick to lure you. Then there was the Creeping Charley which again filled up an old shoe that was sitting sadly before the new eatery on the main road, and was brought home to be filled up with Charley!


A big gift  was the water lettuce brought home from the nursery in one green pot and which had now filled up a brand new pot to bursting! We drink water from it all the time and are expected to die any minute, but survive all scolding and all screaming and shouting. It just tastes so good, water under plants!


Creeping Charley

Good old Charley fills up every pot or cup or jug or mug you put him in! It is tempting to think of this generous plant as a Man who will grow snugly wherever you put him to come up!

Kissing Creeping Charley is a regular chore for Cat-Gardening!

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