Unique Enterprises (Car Dealership) Mysore ordered to pay Rs. 2 lakhs to consumer cheated of car


Chetan Prakash Choyal from Mysore, wanted to buy a car for his birthday. He contacted S.A. Rafey Rashid (Car Dealership) of Unique Enterprises in Vijayanagar, Mysore who promised to get him the car at a lower price.


Chetan paid up Rs. 6,73,977 to Rafey Rashid to get him a Maruthi Suzuki Baleno Car from Rx, Nexa, Electronic City, Suraksha Car Care. But Rashid only paid up Rs. 11,000 from this to Suraksha Car Care and later ignored several calls and messages from Chetan who waited in vain for his car!


shopping for books is cheaper than shopping for a car from Unique Enterprises, Mysore

After several more angry confrontations Rashid gave him a cheque for Rs. 6,73,977 which however bounced! There was insufficient cash in his account! Chetan finally complained to the Mysore District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum against Rashid who claimed during the hearing that Chetan himself had changed his mind and stopped the transaction which had cost him trouble and loss. He was not able to prove his case with such flimsy excuses. Nor could he explain to the court why he had paid up only Rs. 11,000 to Suraksha Car Care.

The Forum President Mr. H.M. Shivakumar Swamy found him guilty of deficient service, unfair trade practice and of causing mental agony to Chetan. He ordered Rafey Rashid to refund Rs. 6,73,977 to Chetan with 15 per cent interest along with Rs. 2 lakhs as compensation! He also has to pay him Rs. 5000 as court costs.

If he did not follow the court order (dated May 18, 2018)in a month’s time he would be imprisoned and fined, the order stated.



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