Priority Services Hyderabad cheat consumer with holiday package

Holiday packages are a risky shopping idea, as one consumer from Hyderabad found out to her dismay.


It is best not to shop anymore!

Koppula Sushma of Hyderabad was lured into purchasing membership in their holiday package costing Rs. 1,50,000 by a company called Priority Services located in Khairatabad, Hyderabad.


They assured her that they would give her first of all a welcome kit to begin her holiday package with them. This would also include a plot of land, free gym, summer camps for kids etc. She paid up Rs. 75,000 in 2016 to them. But without providing any of the items promised they asked for the remaining amount of Rs. 75,000.

Suspecting their motives she complained to the Hyderabad District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum. Its President Sri P. Vijender found Priority Services guilty of deficient service and unfair trade practice.

The forum ordered them to refund Rs. 75,000 to Koppulla Sushma with interest at 9 per cent till date of payment along with Rs. 2000 as costs. (consumer case: 11/2017.

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