Cat-gardening Chronicles 36: Hibiscus leaves and diabetes?



Hibiscus and diabetes?


When we are not gardening we wonder about the home remedies they keep showing on You Tube. Last night there was one eight day remedy that said to dunk eight or nine hibiscus flower leaves in water over night. Then the water should be drunk for eight days regularly, on an empty stomach and this would cure diabetes! It sounds interesting and some humans with diabetes will have to try this and tell us whether it works.


The hibiscus is a lovely flower and would shine in the garden. The yellow and red one is the prettiest. Some people even eat this flower by using it in curries and dals. But most of all it is used by herbalists as a hair wash and also for treating women’s ailments.


We are being served red rice with carrots, spinach or cabbage in it mixed with fish. It took some time to get used to it but now we like it, maybe because of the dab of butter added to it. It is healthier than the commercial cat food we all like, we are told but we beg to differ!

Zinnia and its butterfly

Last week the zinnia lured a butterfly to its patch in the park and appears to be a good plant to grow if you want to attract butterflies.




The marigold that is used to make Calendula, the homoepathic medicine that works to heal small cuts and wounds in humans as well as cats, is also put in butter, rice, curries etc. by human cooks. It works wonders for treating skin infections in cats! The trick is to apply it quickly on the affected areas before the patient vanishes!

Marigold that becomes Calendula

Your beauty salon can come up in the garden since carrot juice helps to keep skin fresh and healthy. It gives you and us Vitamin C and plenty of beta-carotene. Tomatoes help to get rid of blackheads. Lettuce juice added to whipped egg-white is also good for treating blackheads. Cucumber juice softens the skin after a hot day out. Grate the cucumber into a little yoghurt or cream, this will heal blotchy skin!


Orange or lemon juice can be applied directly on the skin as a beauty aid. When you eat an avocado save some of the flesh. Smooth it over your face and keep it for 15 minutes. Then wash it off with warm water. You can also just run the creamy inside of an avocado over your face! If you rub the soft juicy flesh of an apricot over your face, you will be giving it a great tonic. You can also swab on apple juice over your face and neck with cotton wool then wash it off. From: The Green Witch by Barbara Griggs. You can save a lot of money with these home beauty treatments and can buy your cat-gardeners some catnip with it or some gourmet cat food!


Marigold or Calendula gets rid of infections of the skin and is also a good nurse to treat fungal, viral or bacterial infections.


Did you know that aloe vera can be a very good dentist? After dental surgery or for mouth or gum ulcers you just apply a little of its gel directly to the gums. It fights infection for you.


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