Cat-gardening Chronicles 35: sunshine saves you buying Vitamin D!

Cat-gardening Chronicles 35 – An acre of lawn gobbles up 27,000 gallons of water every week! Get ducks instead!


The Money Plant also helps to clean up indoor air pollution!

Cat-gardening first of all permits an hour of snoozing, with no pay cuts, but puts you in prison if you dare to eat the baby squirrel that might enter into the garden! Last week one baby was rescued from the mouth of one of us, just in time, and vanished quickly to find its mother!


We did not get any catnip on that day! We almost thought we might have to live on yoghurt on that day. But all is fine now…..


And here is a better story! Cat-gardening also allows you to save money on buying Vitamin D3, since you get all the sunlight you need here!


I am sleeping near the money plant, which also grows in plain water! Even better, it is good to keep indoors as well as it helps to clean up polluted air!


Remember to leave some apples on your apple tree, if you are lucky enough to have one, to encourage birds to visit your garden. They will also gobble up large numbers of slugs and snails for you, without charging you!


Feed your soil with bonemeal as it improves the health of the soil and the plants in them.


Here is a nice story about recycling office waste. The administrative staff at one office gave all their shredded unwanted paper and second-hand memos to the gardeners which turned into layers in compost heaps!


This garden also uses bracken as a peat alternative! Bracken is rich in phosphates and has a good spongy structure, which holds up well in a pot. Plus it is free! It costs no money and does not harm the planet. Unlike peat which has few nutrients, bracken is rich in nutrients.


‘Bracken is cut back just after it has started to turn colour in autumn and is composted separately. After a year it is ready for use.’ From: Green Gardening. Practical Advice from National Trust Gardeners.


Half eaten fruits in the garden attract butterflies and other insects. Leaving piles of old logs also encourages insects to visit. Morning Glory, ivies, dahlias and climbing roses also attract butterflies!


Just remember that an acre of lawn needs 27,000 gallons of water every week! So you might want to get yourself a couple of ducks instead! They will help to kill many insects for you!





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