Try to live on less!

Try Living on Less


Could you try living on less? Michael Norton asks us to try this out in his book 365 Ways to Change the World.

Can you look carefully at your rubbish and find out what you have been throwing away? Is there anything you could do with some of it, to reduce the waste in the landfill?


I found two lovely glass bottles in my kitchen that I filled up with soil and planted pretty plants inside them. They stand on the sink now and make me feel good every time I brush my teeth, remembering to turn the tap off as I brush!


Confine your water consumption to 10 litres a day, equivalent to one flush of the toilet! Can you also just not use the flush for the entire day and save the flushing for the night? Or the morning? You could be saving huge amounts of water!


Do without your car, scooter or van. Bike or walk to your destination! Or share a ride with someone!


Spend as little as you can for three months! Write inside your diary, how you managed to do this!


Try to have a bath with just one bucket of water! Try to avoid a bath on a day when you feel fresh and don’t really need one!



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