Make a Fly trap for a refugee child!

Build a Fly Trap for your kitchen and for children in need!


Here is another simple and easy way to help the planet by making a Fly Trap! Michael Norton shows us this very useful gift we can make at home in his book 365 Ways To Change the World.


Flies bother all of us! They can also cause infections like Trachoma which affects 84 million people, of whom 8 million have become visually impaired. Go to the Talc website and download tips on how to build a fly trap. You will need:


Two large clear plastic bottles, preferably identical, one with its screw top.

One smaller plastic bottle, made of smooth plastic.

A small quantity of black or dark paint.

A sharp knife.

A small piece of string.

A pointed instrument.

A candle.


The flies fly into the lower bottle, attracted by bait. They then make their way through a narrow tube into the upper bottle, where they tend to dry up. Various baits can be used: try 250 g. of yeast in a litre of water with 6 g of ammonium carbonate added two days later. The Maasai of Kenya use a mixture of goat dung and cows’ urine – you could try this!


We have all seen dying children filmed in refugee camps with flies crawling all over their faces. Flies madden us too. To solve both these problems make a fly trap for your kitchen. Choose a country and circulate the instructions for making a fly trap as widely as possible in that country says Norton.




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