Cat-gardening Chronicles 34: wildlife and Tuna and water saving

Cat-Gardening Chronicles 34


This pink fittonia grows nicely inside a bottle garden too!

There are now several large round stone pots in our garden where rainwater collects alongside the water lettuce and other water plants inside them.

Another way to collect your own rainwater is by putting up guttering around your shed or greenhouse and allowing it to fill a water butt or a large container. In one garden gutters around the greenhouse allow rainwater to fill an old cattle trough outside before being fed by the overflow into a water tank already set in place inside. This ensures that the greenhouse has a constant supply of rainwater!

DSCN4528 (1)

Here is another way to fight the blackspot attacking your roses. Animal manure contains phenol compounds disliked by fungi. So put one part well-rotted garden compost which also has some animal manure like cow dung etc. in a sack and immerse it in six parts water. Let it stand for a week before straining the liquid for use. Apply to the plants with a sprayer or watering can. Repeat this every five or six days.


If you add just one berrying shrub, in your garden, it will lure wildlife. “Imagine a row of houses – if those householders planted just one plant in their garden to attract wildlife, that would soon add up to have a big impact on the surrounding environment” says Linda Roberts a gardener, in the book Green Gardening. Practical Advice from National Trust Gardeners.


To attract wildlife in your greenhouse grow some Californian poppies as they lure lacewings and hoverflies.


French marigolds planted just outside the greenhouse door will discourage whitefly from visiting!


Why Tuna is not a good choice for your cat-gardener’s lunch! Or for you!


All cats adore tuna for lunch, dinner, breakfast or even just as a snack! But Tuna is to be avoided as it hurts the environment.

All commercially fished species of tuna are now endangered, according to the Marine Conservation Society. World Wide Fund WWF has dubbed tuna as ‘the new foie gras’ which is awful! Tuna fishing commonly uses nets that can trap and kill dolphins! So humans as well as cats can do without tuna in their meals. Tinned tuna is not even healthy as we assume. The canning process makes it unhealthy and bad for the planet!

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