Decide to Give Up!

Decide to Give UP!


One nice way of changing the world is by Giving Up! Michael Norton gives us some tips,in his book 365 ways to Change The World,  saying how giving up is good for your soul!


Give up drinking bottled water! Drink tap water instead, or like we sensible people in India do, we boil and drink our own water! Or at least I hope many of us do that!

I found it very easy to give up bottled water once I discovered a small colony of mysterious, unpleasant little worms swimming happily at the bottom of one bottle I had bought at a fair!


Drinking our own water will stop the companies from making fools of us as we listen to their ridiculous advertisements claiming that they bottle the water from us after getting it from the Himalayas or some mysterious pristine heavenly lake! Too many investigations have shown that the most prestigious or well known brands are made from water got from municipal waters!


Give up buying expensive gifts like gold, silver, designer clothes, perfumes as gifts. Instead, grow a lovely plant and pot it in a pretty unused vessel or bowl lying around in the home, or make your own card, paint something pretty, photograph a lake, or buy tickets for a good movie or play, as a gift!


Give up smoking! And drinking, or whatever it is that you can easily give up so that life gets better for you and those around you!


Give up deodorant and smell like yourself instead of a perfume factory and save the world from volatile organic compounds, says Michael! Be alcohol free as often as you can!



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