Cat-gardening Chronicles: Meditating!

Cat-Gardening could simply be a little bit of flirting with the sun! Or taking the day off from Netflix?


DSCN4544 (1)

While some people were kidnapped by Netflix anyway to watch Safe, a television series written by Harlan Coben, we meditated and did a bit of Zen like rearrangement in the garden by filling up the holes made by rats and trying out the snooze that could be fitted inside an empty garden pot. It worked well and was a change from the usual cardboard box or the soft silk pillow.



Safe is about a widowed father played by Michael C Hall (from Dexter and Six Feet Under) who is devastated by the disappearance of his teenage daughter from their gated community. Like all thrillers by Coben this one is watchable and keeps you engaged.

Though Dexter all too soon had become too much for anyone to handle! All that gore and gruesome blood and battering!



To repel house flies try planting basil in a container near the kitchen door. It might drive them away!

The joy of gardening is that any little bits and pieces of ferns, shrubs or flowers just mix and match to create the perfect magic room to vanish into, if you are feeling glum or hot or bothered by the neighbours!




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