Slow down for the Planet!

Slow down for the planet!


If you want to try one more way to change the world, says Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Change the World, try to slow down! Slip out of the rat race to walk by yourself and enjoy the quiet!


Book half a day off work to spend with someone you care about. In fact, even those who don’t work in offices, but slog at home, cooking, cleaning etc. for the family, can take half a day off!


They can relax, go for a movie, a lunch out, or even spend the day gardening and planting all those seeds they had bought long ago and forgotten about!


If you work, you can stay home and cook a meal for your mom or aunt or granny and surprise them!

Read the book In Praise of Slow by Carl Honore who was a speedoholic and took his personal journey towards slowing down in everything! Check out or just listen to your mind and heart to tell you how to sit still and smell the roses!

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