Cat-gardening Chronicles: Sun-Bathing & Urinating in the garden!

Cat-gardening Chronicles 32


Don’t Urinate here, has to become: please do urinate in your garden!



Cat-gardening is not yet a very readily chosen profession by most cats. They have not yet realized the benefits: you can have your bath with the sun itself, all for free, and you get to tell people that it is okay to urinate in your garden! To do it properly: humans should mix it with brown leaves, garden clippings, sawdust, wood shavings, untreated bark chunks, shredded paper, cardboard etc. Use an enclosed composter or a bin with drainage holes. Urine adds moisture and nitrogen that carbon materials need to decompose faster.


Now this should read: please urinate here!

But don’t add too much urine to food scraps and green yard waste as it already contains lots of nitrogen.

Leaf composters can be made of chicken wire, snow fence, wooden pallets, or scrap wood. Plant flowers or crops around the composter to use up any moisture that drains from the bottom of the composter.


Combine it with graywater (washwater) in an aerobic garden bed. Gray water that drains from sinks, showers, tubs and washing machines is a good addition to urine for plant use! Graywater which has a little carbon mixes well with the nitrogen in the urine. This becomes a perfect diet to feed plants.

DSCN4588 (1)

Cat-gardening also allows you to make good use of an empty, unused garden pot, for your well deserved morning, afternoon, mid-day, or any time nap so that it is not wasted! And if this adds up to that unkind word “weird” so be it.


Then there is the reminder to bring as many water plants as you can into the garden to give it a shimmering, liquid dazzle! And who knows what poem or story or magic witch might fall upon this sunlit haven?!



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