Buy yourself a Rainforest today!

Shop till you drop for a dress or a lipstick is a rotten idea these days unless you buy the rainforest?!!

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Save the Rainforest with a click of your mouse!


In the past when things were slower and the world was perhaps more innocent, there were a million square miles of tropical rainforest worldwide. Today, due to profiteering and the never ending greed for gains and deforestation, just over 2 million square miles remain.


But we all can do something to help says Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Change the World. You can visit one of the many ‘click to donate’ sites. The Rainforest Site has so far preserved more than 17,000 acres in Paraguay, Mexico, Peru and Brazil.

And you can even buy your own area of rainforest, and help to preserve it! The Rainforest site: and and and Cool Earth:


The destruction of the rainforest releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. At current rates, over just 24 hours, deforestation is releasing the equivalent amount of CO2 as that created if 18 million people were to fly from London to New York!

Visit the rainforest site daily at: Click on the ‘Saveour Rainforests’ button, and trigger a donation from the sponsors of the site. Each click saves one square metre of rainforest – that’s about as much space as you take up sitting at your computer!


Visit the World Land Trust or Cool Earth sites and consider purchasing some rainforest. At as little as 25 $ for half an acre, it’s a cool bargain!


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