Step into the Slow Food Movement!

I just might try making that Banana Chocolate Cake today, if I can have my undisturbed nap first! And then perhaps tomato and yoghurt salad too!


Carlo Petrini an Italian journalist and activist started the Slow Food movement. He was fighting to keep another McDonald’s from opening next to the Spanish Steps in Rome. The global fast food culture was gobbling up every body! He wanted the world to get back to the older, healthier way of eating food slowly, and savoring its taste!


Cooking and eating fresh home cooked food will keep us away from fast food joints. It will help us to hold on to biodiversity by preserving food plants now in danger of vanishing from a food industry rapidly making foods that have a long shelf life but are not able to awaken our taste buds!


By cooking our own food, enjoying it and buying vegetables and fruits from local farmers and growers, is by itself a small but sturdy political act says Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Save the Planet. Check out the Slow Food movement –


A recent study done by the Centre for Science and Environment in New Delhi which tested upto 15 fast food products sold in India found that they all were highly unhealthy. Their study coaxed the Government to stop the sale of fast foods outside schools in India!

Fast Foods threaten our environment, are cruel to the chicken that they use for their dishes, and have a degrading effect on us.


To follow Slow Food, make it last! Organise a dinner party for your seven best friends. Urge them all to cook something tasty using only the best, fresh ingredients (if grown in their gardens, even better) plan the menu together or surprise one another!


Take time as you eat, chat, share stories, recipes, have a wonderful edible feast!


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