When petrol falls into the coffee….


Some days seem like petrol

Has fallen into the coffee &

Suffocates the tongue and then

shrivels poor hope, kicking it so

Far off it does not know the

Way home. Then it appears

To be the kind of day to which

Only the garden can speak sense

And together they begin to pick

Up the grotesque machinery that

Has ruptured, soiled, burnt out

And given up on everything but

Someone has to water the two

Lemon grass pots that are about

To die from neglect by the Help

This dying will certainly not be

Good news for the Cats! So then

After they are twice watered, the

Spider Plants bought newly from

The nursery, as the old ones died

Under the Help’s lazy glowering

Need to be put in larger roomier

Pots as they already have babies

So that is done, and then five pots

With dark brown home grown soil

Look glum and badly need fresh

Red soil. And when that has been

Done, they beg for a plant to fill

Them up, and you find the plant

Your friend had given you, the

Friend that death had taken away

Before you could make that last

Visit! When too many issues had

Stamped on time, and you had left

It for too long, and missed the last

Good bye! Now here is the plant

She used to call the Good Nurse,

Who was always on time and

Never missed your medicines

And always took in your grumbles

Like even your mum would not!

So you take cuttings of it, and find

That there are enough to fill up

All the empty pots with more left

Over and the thick, curling leaves

Spinach green and shimmering

Line one patch of your garden like

Five warriors of wisdom & wealth

Filling the sudden ache of loss with

The medicine chest of mercy’s Zen




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