Buy cotton & hemp mixed clothes for the planet!

To be green avoid buying pure cotton clothes!


To Change the world in 365 days Michael Norton reminds us that cotton requires a lot of water and water is what the earth is beginning to lose very fast! When you buy a cotton T-shirt, dress or sari remember how it is affecting the planet and its water problems!


The cotton needed to make just one t-shirt requires, 1,170 litres of water – that’s more than a tonne, he says. Countries like Egypt, Pakistan, and other countries where cotton is a major export, are facing severe water and environmental problems. Cotton growers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides worth 2 billion dollars recklessly with many of them classified as hazardous by the World Health Organisation.


Cotton workers, especially their children are always at risk of suffering the side effects of these chemicals.

To be green, switch to hemp. Buy clothes, shoes and bags made from a hemp-cotton mix. They are kinder and also seem cool! Download and read The Deadly Chemicals in Cotton from the websites of the Environmental Justice Foundation and Pesticides Action Network.


Says Leo Hickman in his book A Good Life that residues of cotton pesticides have been found to enter the food chain and more than 76 per cent of conventional cotton production in the US is now from genetically modified crops.

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