Thursday’s door reminds you to use urine for better composting!

Thursday’s Green Door reminds you to protect native species:


Find out which plants are dying out of our planet and grow them in your garden!


Start with simple well known plants that are being threatened by deforestation and desertification: begonias, pelargoniums, cacti, medicinal plants. Plant any of these to help the planet.


Grow a roof garden to cool your home and give it a gorgeous hat!



Compost urine! Mix it with brown leaves, garden clippings, sawdust, wood shavings, untreated bark chunks, shredded paper, cardboard etc. Use an enclosed composter or a bin with drainage holes. Urine adds moisture and nitrogen that carbon materials need to decompose faster.


Grow a heirloom flower that has been growing in cottage gardens for centuries! It could be a hollyhock or a dahlia or even a violet!




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