Cat-gardening Chronicles: 31 buy your house a green frock!

Only shop to buy your house a green or a white scented frock!


Cat-gardening keeps everyone away from shopping! It reminds you to fall in love all over again with the ivy house you found in London on that happy trip along with that snoozing and extremely well behaved grey tabby who met you on a walk and welcomed you to her street!

This looks like a bad attack of CATNIP!


Ivy house in London

It makes you walk backwards in time to those stunning roses in a flower show


that would not stop making your heart fall out of you in surprise and delight. It reminds you to keep buying more creepers, vines and climbers to clamber up the walls and trellises of your home so that they remain cooler.

A house wearing jasmine in London


Any shade from flowering plants like the roses, Morning Glories, scented jasmine, the Passion Flower etc. can reduce indoor temperatures by as much as 11 deg. C. This will reduce the need for mechanical cooling, saving money.


Dark colored exteriors absorb 70% to 90% of the radiant solar energy striking a building.


You can use a little urine for composting!


Don’t wrinkle your nose at urine! Use it up as the best richest cheapest medicine for your plants!

For direct application: Dilute the urine with at least eight parts water to one part urine. (8:1).

Or pour the urine only on well-mulched aerated soil. Soil filled with three inches of woodchips, untreated bark mulch or leaf mulch contains plenty of humus and will take in undiluted urine without any problems.

Try to have several water plants in your garden. They somehow cheer you up! Here is our very own water lettuce!


water lettuce


You can also collect urine in any container, such as a jug or a mug, and manually dilute it before applying it to plants!




Finally, to give more energy to your hardworking cat-gardeners don’t forget to try out yoghurt on them. Most cats love it! It is much better than milk!




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