Wordless Wednesday beseeches you to shop for PETA’s humane Mother’s Day gift to help all suffering animals!


Decide never to buy disposable nappies and any other disposable goods for the sake of our planet. Instead you can buy  a PETA Present this Mother’s Day! 

Says PETA “Did you know that a mother seal has an uncanny ability to recognise her pup’s voice from among thousands of others?

This Mother’s Day stand out from the crowd by giving the mother in your life a gift of love and compassion: a PETA Present!



PETA Presents are virtual gifts that directly benefit all of PETA’s vital work for animals. It is a caring, tender, heartwarming way to show your love this Mother’s Day!

Your PETA Present gift will help PETA  to fight the insane cruelty of the meat and dairy industries and promote healthy and humane diets.


Your gift will help fund PETA’s important work to prevent cats and other animals from suffering in crude and deadly experiments!

So shop for the planet now!


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