go UNSHOPPING for the Planet!

Wordless Wednesday urges you to go UNSHOPPING!


If you have started to worry about the planet being gobbled up by landfills and too much shopping a way to help is to go UNSHOPPING says Michael Norton in his book 365 Ways to Change the World!


Zip up your handbag tight or leave your credit or debit card behind when you go shopping! Or learn to walk away from paper towels as they gobble up forests and your cash. Use a dish cloth.


Avoid bleached coffee filters: the dioxins used in the bleaching contaminate groundwater and are linked to cancer. Use a cafetiere to make your coffee.


Snub over packaged food and buy in bulk. Buy things with less packaging and stash it in your own cotton shopping bag.

Stop shopping for hardwood products. Every year 27 million acres of tropical rainforests are being gobbled up for profits. Use products made from sustainable harvested timber or salvaged wood. The Ecologist: http://www.theecologist.org


Get to know bamboo, cane, coconut fibre and other such green items!

This should be easy: don’t buy plastic forks and spoons! They look ugly and are mean to the planet!



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