Every year Americans use enough cling film to cover Texas! Let us all stop using cling film…

Every single day for the Planet Try BUYING LESS!


Let us just not shop today!

One way to reduce our carbon footprint is by buying less says Joanna Yarrow in her book How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!


One mistake most of us make is shopping before we eat! But we must eat before we rush to the shops! Studies have shown that this helps us to buy less food!

Avoid all disposables which have a very high carbon impact. We must give up using foil or cling film! Instead we can cover our foods with a dish, plate or lid!

Every year Americans use enough cling film to cover Texas says this writer!


Make disposable bags a thing of your past, like a rotten boyfriend or girlfriend! Worldwide we carry home between 500 billion and a trillion plastic bags every year says Joanna. That adds up to 150 bags a year for every person on earth, or 2 million a minute! That is scary!


UK supermarkets hand out about 13 billion disposable plastic bags a year. Most are used only once. In India plastic bags have been banned but many stores still continue to pamper customers who buy very expensive things!


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