Cat-gardening Chronicles 30

Cat-Gardening Chronicles is all about  earning the Throne!


A gardening job for cats who want to earn their keep, is not such a bad choice. You often get a throne in the garden and as you sit on it you can oversee the work to make sure everything gets watered and refreshed. Having a nap helps if you want to avoid doing the watering!


Don’t you think that all cats deserve to be given a gift for never wasting that most important treasure to the world – water? We are as stingy with its usage as a miser with his pure gold biscuits!

2016-01-06 05.17.45-1

This week the gardening took a dip and was neglected as our second gardener, beneath us all, got latched onto watching Fargo season 3 and ignored the lemon grass, the Spider Plants and even the philodendron! Season 3 was as hilariously horrid as the first and the second series. And though Billy Bob Thornton is a favourite, and also won awards for his dazzlingly dreadful cat-and-mouse games in the first season, this season had an equally ghastly character who did these truly eerie things with his teeth, and the way he ate his food and that prissy way in which he spoke! Quite scary!


And yet it is easy for cats to terrify humans too. I only have to sit by the philodendron to give my second gardener a minor heart attack! This plant is dangerous for us cats, as well as for humans. Chewing it could lead to very nasty problems!


The philodendron is very bad for us cats!

On the other hand it is recommended by NASA for growing indoors to purify the air. It is also kept far from us cats most of the time.


Here is some scary news! In the US each year, as much petrol is spilled when filling lawn mowers as in the Exxon Valdez disaster!


Used for just two hours, the average patio heater produces as much CO2 as a car does in an average day!


The world’s trees absorb around 26 million tonnes of CO2 a year! So we must all try to stop the felling of trees wherever we come across this happening!

DSCN4951 (1)

Turn your kitchen into a Green Angel by giving it a Bokashi Bucket, says Joanna Yarrow in her book How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint. This truly wonderful Japanese composter will pounce on almost any kind of waste food, cooked food, meat, fish and dairy, and deal with it for quick composting. Within a few weeks it will break down your organic waste into soil improver for your garden and liquid fertilizer for your houseplants!


Quite frankly I like to shampoo my own hair!

Now the last word can be on your cats and pet shampoos. If they contain Piperonyl Butoxide, they may be harmful for us as well as for you! So avoid them.

Besides most of us cats like to have our own showers, since we like to save water for the Planet! Really!



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