A two-stroke lawn mower can produce as much pollution as 40 cars! Do you need a lawn at all?

How your Garden can reduce your carbon footprint!


You can reduce your carbon footprint with some happy chores in your garden says Joanna Yarrow in her book How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: 365 Practical Ways to Make a Real Difference.


Rake up dead leaves instead of using a leaf blower to tone your arms and save energy! I rake up the daily mound of dead leaves that drop down from the generous tree outside my home and mix them with my compost to get more fresh home made soil!


Plant a tree if you have the space as a single tree can absorb more than a tonne of CO2 over its lifespan.


Never light bonfires as they release CO2 and add to pollution.


Plant some bamboo as it stores more CO2, and generates 35 per cent more oxygen than an equivalent area of trees says the writer. It is also a fast growing plant and looks lovely in the garden.


In India herbal healers treat whooping cough in children with a decoction of bamboo leaves and turmeric with honey. The dose given is one cup twice a day for 7 days!


The scary news about a two-stroke lawn mower is that it can produce as much pollution as 40 cars! So get rid of it and get rid of your lawn! Grow a herb garden instead!



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